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Colorful Books

Hi! I'm Kristen

Remember how much your life changed when you became a parent? And thinking what am I supposed to do with this little human now? 

Well, this was me when my first son, Ben, was born. As a full time practicing physician, taking time off and sitting at home in the quiet, was quite odd for me. 

As a way to bond and talk with him, I started reading to him during our many hours of feedings. I quickly grew tired of the childrens' books that were available at our local big name book store. 

A couple of years later, when my second son Oliver was born, I was invited to an online Usborne Books & More party, and it change our lives! These books were fantastic! They were engaging, beautiful, and so different from what I could find in our local stores. And the rest is history...

I had to have more of these books in our lives. So I became a consultant thinking I would do so only to get a discount on the books. Since then, I've discovered how much I love sharing these books with other families. Plus, being a consultant has come with the most amazing community of supportive, collegial, and fun book loving mamas that have become friends! And with all of that, Ben's little book nook has grown significantly!

I'm so glad you're here! 


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Colorful Books
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