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Let's Throw a Party!

Gather friends to discover the amazing world of Usborne & Kane Miller books.  In a fun and lively format, you’ll explore what makes these innovative, stylish books the best children’s books on the market today.  Learn practical ways to encourage the love of reading and build a fabulous home library, all while sharing time with your friends and family.


It’s simple!  Here’s how it works:

  • Contact me to choose a date

  • Invite your friends and share your enthusiasm about the books

  • I will do the rest!

The best part?  After your party, your friends will thank you for introducing them to Usborne Books & More!

Image by Alfons Morales

Did Someone Say Free Books?

Our host rewards program is amazing!  In fact, many of my hosts have held parties before.  Why? They had fun and they were rewarded.

Your rewards start immediately – our average hosts receive about $300 in FREE and discounted books.  In addition, there are fabulous host specials each month!


"I had a wonderful time reconnecting with so many great friends through my book party with Kristen! I could go on and on about how great these books are, but I think once you take a look they speak for themselves. They are educational and high quality. I am extremely thankful my boys get to enjoy these books and activities."

Sarah H.

"If you’d like to host your own Usborne Party I highly recommend Kristen as your book lady. The party was easy to host, I got to interact in a fun way online with people I have missed dearly over these last few months, and we expanded our library."

Jamie D.

"Yay! Got our books in after hosting a party! Even [though] I would still buy them full priced because the quality [is] amazing, I’m super excited for my girls to enjoy these! I found myself turning pages and getting lost in reading them for a minute"

Jessica Z.

"I'm so excited to get our new books and read/do the activities with the kids! You gave awesome recommendations! Thank you so much for all of your help. You really made it fun and easy for me."

Katie S.

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